A guide to lighting the rooms in your house

Lighting the Hallway

The hallway is the room that visitors see first when they visit your home and as the saying goes ‘first impressions last’ so always try and create a warm, and welcoming effect in this part of your home. By combining the right type of lighting in your hallway with maybe a large mirror you can give the effect of a spacious area that is instantly welcoming and cosy

Lighting your Living Room

The Living Room is the room in the house where most of us spend our leisure time. You should be looking to make the lighting in this room easily controllable whilst taking into consideration natural daylight along with the positioning of your furniture and TVs etc. Go for a ceiling pendant with strategically placed floor standing uplighters which can be switched on and off as you need them. Dimmer switches are ideal in a living room where TV screen glare can be an issue.

Lighting the Dining room

The dining room is one of the main rooms in a house where family can gather for meals and parties. Allowing adequate above lighting directly over the table will ensure that people can see each other during mealtimes. However, when you have finished eating and conversation becomes the main focus of the table, wall lights or floor-standing uplighters which take light away from the table but still give you adequate lighting is more appropriate for creating an ambient and cosier effect for people to relax in.

Kitchen Lighting

Lighting in the kitchen should always functional as the kitchen is effectively a workspace. Under-cupboard lights lighting your work surfaces as well as recessed ceiling spotlights will create a clean effect which works well in the kitchen area. If you have a kitchen diner and its used as a social area too, you may want to consider installing a dimmer switch to give it a less clinical feel.


LED Lights – Benefits -

Over the last few years we have seen the evolution of LED light bulbs, they are a fantastic alternative to regular lightbulb’s for many reasons. We have prepared a short article basically showcasing why they have taken over in the market and regular lightbulb’s are now a thing of the past.


LED lights are a lot more durable than regular lightbulbs, they will not break from vibration or the act of shaking. The way that LED lights emit their light means that it won’t be wavered like others, this makes them perfect for cars or boats. Regular lightbulbs break very easily and fluorescent lightbulbs release vapourised mercury into the air when broken.


An LED light will last 50x longer than a regular light, this will save on cost and also save you the job of getting those ladders out and changing the hard to reach lights. We aren’t saying the light will last forever but you will certainly see an improvement on how often you change the light.


While conventional light sources will become hot to touch if left on for long periods of time, an LED light source will stay cool to the touch. These light sources produce NO UV rays and shine at a temperature lower than 60°C which means you will certainly not burn your fingers!

These are only 3 of the benefits of using LED light sources rather than your conventional older blubs.

Other advantages are that it’s kind to the environment as it doesn’t include mercury or any pollutants, it is perfect of lighting up artefacts you may be proud of, will look fantastic in a lounge, kitchen, bathroom and even bedroom, they use 5W less energy than is recommended by energy saving guidelines so your saving more energy and helping the environment without even knowing it! For offers and product ranges then check out the products page and see what’s available.


Home lighting ideas

Although most people often treat home lighting as an afterthought, good lighting positioned properly can make or break your home. You can spend hours pouring over paint charts and wallpapers, but it’s actually the lighting in your home that shows off your decor to its best advantage.

You will probably not realise you’ve got poor lighting but you may recognise the symptoms that bad lighting can cause. These can be headaches, sore eyes, and frustration at not being able to see what you’re doing. Quality, well positioned lighting can make your home feel spacious, clean, modern and welcoming.

The key to creating an environment like this is a flexible set up that at the flick of a switch can transform the room from a bright and vibrant living space to an ambient setting for relaxing and chilling in.

When purchasing new lighting for your home you must take the natural light your home receives into consideration. Natural light is a fantastic asset to any property, but the type of light your home gets depends on the aspect of the room.

The type of light a North facing room usually gets is cold and harsh rather than direct sunlight. Where as East facing will be bright in the morning followed by shadows with no sun later in the day.

South facing rooms will usually be warm and light all day, although this does change throughout the day and year.

Its best to choose south-facing rooms for kitchens and main living areas or any other rooms you intend to spend a lot of time in.

West facing rooms get sunlight at the hottest part of the day but in the late afternoon expect shadows with softer light.


Swan range of lighting – Exclusive to CP Lights

Designed by Fabio Fornasier the award winning master glassmaker, this range of chandeliers, floor lamps and lamps are finished in Ferarri red, Pure White, Bright Black, Shining Brass and Brilliant Chrome.

Made using the latest plasma plating technology for a smooth and glossy finish this designer Italian range is exclusive and luxurious and is a great addition to any area of your home.

Fabio was born in Venice, Italy in August 1963. He learned the art of glassmaking in his father Luigi’s glassworks demonstrating from an early age his talent for design and an sublime ability to transform glass into awe-inspiring art chandeliers.

He became a Master Glassmaker at a very young age, and went on to open his own glassworks on the Venetian island of Murano. It was here he started creating refined antique and modern chandeliers that immediately stood out for their innovative design and beauty.

With his brother Roberto, he runs a small but dedicated studio on the island and produces some of the finest and most beautiful glass chandeliers in the world. His talents are so highly rated that he is also lectures at Murano’s glass making college.

This stunning Italian design features metal arms hydro-formed to create the courting Swan effect. The range is available in pure white enamel, gloss black and polished chrome. This stunning Italian design features metal arms hydro-formed to create the courting Swan effect. The range is available in pure white enamel, gloss black and poli


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